Recover Deleted Android Apps

Android based application has given unique dimension for mobile phones. Android powers numerous mobile phones, tablet PC and many other devices and enables features like fast browsing, multi-tasking, cloud sync, etc. Android operating system has given a new dimension to the mobile phones; due to this Android based phones are termed as Smartphones.

There are several apps that are part of the Android OS, but you may lose them now and then, that too without any prior information. Suppose accidentally you removed the apps on your Android phone which is very important, while renaming the app. One of the first things, that your search on web is how to get back a deleted app from Android. You may find out recovery software, which may helps you to recover your important apps on your Android phone. But you’re not sure about its authenticity, don’t worry this problem can be solved with the use of recover APK software. It awarded as safe and secure deleted app recovery tool and suggested by many Android users to recover deleted Android apps. One thing should be remembered, when you lose or delete apps from Android, that it should not be overwritten with some other data because once it is overwriten then it becomes impossible to restore deleted app on Android.

Android recovery software is one of the best software which is especially designed with advanced algorithm to perform deleted application recovery on Android device. It vigorously scans both the internal and external Android phone memory of the device, to identify deleted apps, including Android application package files (APK), and restores them for reuse. This software can recover deleted application on all Android phones. To get back apps on Samsung Smart phone go

Factors responsible for deletion of apps in Android:

Accidental Deletion: This is also counted as user’s mistake; at times you may mistakenly delete an APK file while renaming it and face this tragedy. Under this circumstance you may think how to get back a deleted app.

Restoring your Android Device: All the Android devices come with a restore option. However, use of restore option on your Android device may remove all the apps present on the device and make it as a brand new. If you perform restoration without taking the essential backup then you may suffer data crisis. However, you can recover Android Apps after factory reset using APK file recovery tool.

Incorrect data transfer: We all normally transfer our data from phone to computer in order to update our data like applications, documents and media files. But sometime improper transfer of your application may lead you to deletion of those apps, which are selected for transfer process. However, with the help of this recovery tool you can recover deleted android apps in a very effective way.

Virus infection: Android phones provides better experience of internet, as it allow you to download latest apps from Google play and other sites. But at times you may download the virus infected applications, which may delete the other apps on the device and force you carry out deleted application recovery.

As a consequence of these above described reasons if you have deleted any important application from your Android device then just make use of above told recovery software and within few moments restore deleted app on Android device. Not only after deletion, using this amazing tool, you could restore the apps even after flashing the ROM of Android devices. To know how to get back apps after flashing the ROM visit this page:

Key features of Android recovery software:

  • Easy to Use tool with user friendly graphic interface, this makes even an inexpert user to employ this application to recover deleted Android apps.
  • This software has powerful inbuilt algorithm which identify and recover such invisible data within least possible time.
  • The application not only knows how to get back a deleted app, but also knows to recover various other files from Android device such as audio files, photos, video files, To know more find here.
  • It allows user to preview the recovered files before saving it to location of your desire. See which you can filter the recovered files; Not just this save recovery session option avoid rescan and hence eliminate duplication of work in future.
  • It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 7 and recently launched Windows 8.
  • This amazing tool can also be used to recover deleted system apps on your Android based devices. For more queries, just click here: Hence it’s an appropriate application, if you are thinking how to get back a deleted app on Android.

Note: If you are the user of Samsung Note and have deleted some apllications unintentionally on your phone, then don't worry as this software can assist you on how to recover deleted Apps on Samsung Note with ease.

Learn how to get back a deleted app on Android device:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of Android recovery software. After installation, to restore deleted app on Android, select “Recover Deleted Files” from main screen.

How to Get Back a Deleted App - Main screen

Fig A: Main screen

Step 2: From the next screen, select the Android device from where you want to retrieve deleted Android app.

How to Get Back a Deleted App - Select Android Device

Fig B: Select Android Device

Step 3: Software starts scanning and once it is done you can view your recovered app in the list of “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW”.

How to Get Back a Deleted App - Preview Recovered Files

Fig C: Preview Recovered Files

Preacutions to avoid deleted apps:

  • Always copy vital data from your Android Smartphone before performing any format.
  • Don't use SD card on phone after data loss.
  • Stop using Android phone from where you deleted apps to avoid overwriting.
  • Use antivirus program and regularly update it.